Who is behind Trekking Techies?
Most of the time, it’s me, Stephanie. I’m the writer and photographer behind the scene. Jason is my husband and an awesome subject for most of the pictures here. He also does coffee/ice cream run for us in times of need. 🙂 We’re both engineers so we can pretty much figure things out as we go.

What is Trekking Techies?
A place for me to include friends and family in my adventure. Because of my love for traveling (and taking pictures of Jason’s face), I started this site.

What’s with the name Trekking Techies?
We’re both tech nerds who go around in a tiny teardrop camper.

Why do you like traveling so much?
This is an easy question. In case it’s not, here’s my personal answer. Traveling teaches me about people. The landscape and the people I see and interact with teach me about God and the greater love. It makes me feel humble and dumb-founded to see such creations around the Earth and to remember that we are all just one tiny, tiny speck in the universe.

I saw you misspelled a word and your grammar is kinda weird?
Cool, you get to teach me English. It’s my second language. I love the language so I’m always open to your suggestion.