May Adventures for the Trekking Techies

Hello world!


It’s been a while since we update you guys on this blog. It was an accidental hiatus due to moving across the country and exploring our new place. Long story short, we drove across the Southeast of the U.S.

Where we stayed: Oak Forest RV Resort (Austin, TX) and Lake Texoma State Park Ben’s Campground (Kingston, OK). Woohoo! We got to earn our Oklahoma sticker on our sticker map.

Where we explored: East Austin, Lake Texoma, Georgetown, and South Austin.

Discovery went to the RV hospital to be checked out. There was a lot of minor things that we wanted to get fixed. It had two structural integrity problems. One was some of the slide-out screws were missing. Ever watched the movie RV where the slide-out poked out a little while they were turning? Yeah, we didn’t want that to happen, even though our driving style wasn’t as crazy. Then there was the leveling jacks. Jason found out that my paranoia about random clicking noise was not just my imagination; it was one of our jacks clicking as it retracted back slowly. Three-legged RV, anyone? No, thank you. Good thing Winnebago has been very helpful and gave the stop the word to go ahead and do warranty works on both of those.



Highlight moment: a tiny bridge that we drove across on our way out of Texoma State Park Ben’s Campground. Yes, that was the name of the campground. Typing “Texome State Park” got us lost in some other place that was not “Texoma State Park Ben’s Campground.” And yes, we took up the entire bridge as we drove across it, and our A/C, TV antenna, and air vents survived. Whew, good thing nobody else needed the bridge.


New for us: Camping for real. Although it was later disputed that we weren’t camping for real because we had contact to the outside world and were able to use our laptops, for me, it counted because there was no town within walking distance. We didn’t bring any Hubble vehicle (this was the name we gave whatever vehicle we were towing) so we had to prepare for the weekend beforehand. It was nice really, not to have to get out and figure out traffic, route to the next destination, etc. The camping spot we were in WAS our destination. Oh yeah, there was a really bad storm that started out with softball-sized hails. Welcome to Oklahoma!



We were thankful for picking Discovery, a Winnebago Vista. While Discovery was in the shop, we looked around the RV lot. We walked into several camper trailers, gooseneckers, and class A RVs. Some were more luxurious than ours and some were not. Overall, the layout of Discovery fit our lifestyle and needs. We have been enjoying the space and interior of our lovely home abode. Driving it, however, was a different story. 😛


Our May was a good balance of some traveling and some relaxing. I’d like to think that having an RV enhanced our camping experience instead of ruining it. We had one more topic to talk to our fellow campers: “What kind of rig do you have?”

That was it for our May update. Until next adventure!

Nerd out,



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