Teardrop Camper vs. Class A RV

This is my attempt at comparing a teardrop camper and a class A RV. First of all, don’t compare these two. If you’re thinking of getting an RV soon and you’re still comparing a teardrop camper to a class A, step back and do more thinking. They cannot be more different. One is a small, motor-less vehicle and the other is a big, motored vehicle. Comparing them is like comparing an apple and a bottle of wine.

Then what am I doing writing this post? Because some people drink wine as their fruit of the day. There’s nothing wrong/right with that; just make sure you don’t go overboard.


The pros and cons of Mr. Bunker, our T@b teardrop camper:

The pros/positives:

  • It is simple. All its function works and you didn’t need a command center to operate it.
  • Nothing breaks. Because everything is so simple, IF something does break, it is easy to fix. This factors into the “cheap” section of this list also.
  • Easy tow. Subaru Outbacks can tow this micro home, and if you’ve driven a Subaru before, you know how pleasant it is. We even drove it in a semi-frozen, semi-snowed roads in the dark. I don’t advice doing that, but we had to at the time.
  • Cheap. Okay, compared to other trailers, maybe this is not the cheapest option. What I mean by cheap is that everything in it is electric. If you park at a spot, you only have to pay for the spot. If you cook a lot, that’s the only thing that uses propane so you will not run out of propane very quickly.
  • It heats up and cools off quickly. With such a small space, by some logic of Physics, it should be easy to heat up or cool down. This is true because the heater and the air conditioner do their jobs to keep the inside warm and cool, respectively.

The cons/negatives:

  • There is no room for separation. Because of that, I’m going to say that this micro camper is rated for 2 extroverts OR 1 introvert.
  • Cooking is hard in it. When you cook, everything smells like it, and the smoke alarm might turn on.
  • Using the sink to do the dishes is a pain. The sink is good for everything else but to wash dishes.
  • There is no standing room if you are over 5′ 5″. If you or your companion is tall, the outside will be the only option for standing up.


The pros and cons of Discovery, our class A RV:

The pros/positives:

  • Lots of storage. Every single nook and cranny is a storage or some kind.
  • There is room to stand up. Jason, being so tall, loves this feature. It is better for our health to be able to stand up, stretch, and walk around.
  • The shower is great. It is big with some room to stand up (and a big hot water tank so no more Navy shower).
  • A brand spanking new kitchen. This one has a microwave and an oven. Cooking is easy and convenient again.
  • Lots of sleeping room. This 31′ class A RV has room for 8 extroverts OR 2 introverts. However, not a lot of room for their stuff if all the storage room is taken.
  • Boondocking is easy. Because of the giant fresh water tank, grey water tank, black water tank, batteries, and a generator, boondocking is more comfortable. My favorite part is that if our car’s battery dies, we can get our house to jump our car. Weird, huh?
  • Auto level. This feature saves about 30 minutes setting up every time. This allows us to park the RV, hit a button… beep beep beep…. you’re leveled.
  • The slide out. It makes for an open space concept. I’ve always wanted an apartment that opens up. This time, our home has it also.
  • The awning. Come barbecue time, we will be ready to do some mean cookoff out there.
  • Last but not at all least, the freezer. I scream for ice cream. What more can I say?


We decided to trade our apple for a bottle of wine, but we didn’t go overboard by buying the 45′ monster with a washer and dryer included. That may suit some people (and their wallet), but that wouldn’t be for us.

We didn’t want to forget the healthy habits that we learned from eating apples, so we created the Mr. Bunker Creed. It is still a creed in the making. This RV is more fragile and sophisticated, but hey, we can now have a party.

If you haven’t subscribed yet, click the menu on the top corner and the “follow” button. If you have any questions about how the two compares, comment below. If you feel inclined to tell us more about your camper experience, we’d love to hear it. Email us at blog@TrekkingTechies.com.

Nerd out,

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