Go Big AND Go Home

If you know me before I got married to Jason (aka, a tree man), you’d know that I didn’t like the outdoors too much. Throughout our dating period, Jason and I did some outdoorsy stuff (wimpy style) so he could show me the joy of nature. Overtime, I got to see him being happy and more relaxed when we were one with the nature. Well… HE was one with nature while nature seemed to always attack me. Anyway, I found out that marriage required some give and take, and I decided that one of my give was to go outside more often.

We purchased Mr. Bunker and started to learn the lifestyle of living in a camper. It was much simpler yet rewarding. Having a constant home that could travel with us was both a hassle and a gift. A hassle because we had to pack up everything and strap everything down before going anywhere. A gift because no matter where we were, we felt right at home.

Overtime, our thirst for adventure grew too big for Mr. Bunker. We wanted more space, an obvious thing that our friends and family saw but we did not see it yet. We also wanted some company to come over without telling them to stay in the tent. Okay, joking, we would’ve stayed in the tent while they stayed in the comfort of Mr. Bunker’s bed. After some thinking, we played around with the idea of switching our home.

We walked into hundreds of different RVs, which included travel trailers, class A, B, and C, and gooseneckers. The search was done through the internet and several RV stores visits. Jason found a nearby RV show so we decided to go to it. At that point, we already made our requirements as followed:

  • No TV on the outside compartment. This is not a feature that we will use and most likely turn into a bug instead of a feature.
  • No kitchen outside. Similar to the outside TV situation, we wanted a bigger storage compartment outside instead.
  • A different area for table and bed. It turns out that it’s a hassle having to change from bed to table every day. We want to be able to sleep immediately after playing Diablo (or Ticket to Ride).
  • Good size shower that both of us can stand up in. Jason also prefers to have lots of shoulder room.
  • Big windshield. The first time I walked into a class A RV, I wanted one that has a big window for both pleasure and visibility during travel.
  • Extra sleeping area for two extra people. This will be handy when family or friends come over and want to stay the night. Or two. Or three.
  • Open floor plan. Yes, you can ask for this in an RV just like you would in a house or apartment. And yes, it does make a difference in a good way.
  • Not a Thor (sorry…). Or a Jayco (sorry again…) Maybe we didn’t walk into enough RVs; however, we made the decision not to go with the two brands because the ones we looked at were not up to par with the other ones in the same price range.
  • No leather everywhere. This might be a sign of luxury for some people, but Jason and I are simpler than that. We don’t want a model that has all leather seating, ceiling, walls, doors, or whatever else you can put leather on.
  • No pee color fabric. I know this sounds ridiculous, but after seeing weird off yellow brownish color couches and seats, we decided to put this on the list.
  • Prefer to have no carpet in the living area. Floor is easier to clean and maintain. Plus, we can see water damages more obviously if we choose to buy used.
  • Between 27′ to 34′ in size. We want to be able to have enough room yet still get in to all the available National Parks. After all, that’s what RVs for.

At the RV show, we thought we found one that fit our style. We went back to the hotel to talk about it in order to be away from the RVs and the salesmen. Then we decided to take a look at it again and well… made the move to start the paperwork. We planned our trip to go test it out and stay at a campground nearby. After we did that, the rest was… history… or the presence?

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Discovery. He is a Winnebago Vista 31′, a class A gas RV. The first time we did a walk through, we found a lot of small adjustments to make. What can I say, Discovery was about 7 times the size of Mr. Bunker with about 10 times more the potential problems (ahem, Houston, we have lots of problems). His name, came from the mission that sent the Hubble telescope to space, was fitting. We would discover new places and new problems, new challenges and new adventure. We enjoyed the lifestyle of living in a camper and wanted more of it. More importantly, we wanted to share the experience with people, and we could do that with an open couch and an extra room.

Welcome, Discovery 🙂

“We choose to go to the moon… and do other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard; because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept…” – John F. Kennedy

The passenger seat is equipped with a nice travel desk


Making Discovery a home
The new refrigerator and freezer (for ice cream)
Microwaves are for making tea
An oven! I can make casserole and cookies again!

Stick around for the post of the pros and cons for both a camper trailer and a class A RV. If you haven’t subscribed yet, click the menu on the top corner and the “follow” button. If you have any questions on how we like our new “mansion”, comment below or email us.


Nerd out,

A Streetbus named Discovery

Disclaimer: nobody paid us to write anything about their products/company/services. This is our opinion. Not everything is sunshine and rainbow.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sue Warren says:

    So happy for you guys!!


  2. Grandma and Grandad says:

    Hey U 2

    Discovery looks very nice. We hope you enjoy camping and traveling as much as we did

    We also enjoyed reading your article and the pictures above.


    Grandma and Grandad


    1. We sure do enjoy camping 🙂 I can’t believe I’m saying that. Thank you for the kind words.


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