Who is Mr. Bunker

Mr. Bunker is a T@B camper trailer. He likes the rain and enjoys the cold weather. Why does that sound like he likes miserable weather? Actually, he doesn’t. His heater takes a lot less effort to warm up the small interior than cooling the room with his air conditioner during the summer. He also likes the rain because it is basically his showers.

Finding Mr. Bunker wasn’t easy because Jason and I were both new to the whole glamping world. Although Jason knew a lot about camping (the REAL camping), I had no idea what the outside world holds without air conditioner, showers, and potable water. The search for something in the middle was crucial because I wanted something comfortable and safe to sleep in and Jason wanted something easy to maintain. So we went through all the research and found our solution.

The first time we came up close to a T@b trailer

From the moment we traded in Jason’s Ford Focus car to a Subaru Outback to the moment we purchased the T@B trailer, we did tons of research and conversations on what all needed to be done. There was the technical issues, such as making sure the car can tow the weight. Then, there was the morale issues, such as making sure we were both comfortable with the idea. Overall, it took us about three years to find it; however, it was about six months active time.

We tested out the Subaru in the mountains

We named Mr. Bunker before we even bought the camper trailer. We were on our way to the beach one summer and saw a gas station called Mr. Bunker. I thought it was the perfect name for something that has a bed, even though it wasn’t a bunk bed. I have a thing for bunk beds. I always wanted to sleep on the top even though I was afraid of the height.

We found a local RV/camper dealership that started selling these cute trailers so we stopped by several times. We wanted to be sure this was a good decision and that we wanted this camping weekends. Yes, weekends. Originally, we didn’t think we would live in. Then something changed at our work place, and that was when we started talking about living in it. It wasn’t going to be a tiny home; it was going to be a micro home. We calculated and thought it was possible.

The day we brought Mr. Bunker home

We bought Mr. Bunker and took it all over South Carolina. Every month, we picked a place to explore, drove to it, parked Mr. Bunker and enjoyed nature. I was a newly outdoorsy person. Without being able to sleep for about 1/5 of the hotel cost, we explored state parks and the cities nearby. Small towns, like Aiken and Barnwell, had their charms, but we would’ve never visited them had it not been so cheaply done (I’m only talking about the nightly stay cost, of course).

First go at towing the trailer out of town

Within 6 months, I went outside. A lot. I liked experiencing with cooking food on the campfire (and found out there was a difference between a “campfire” and a “bonfire”). I learned to stir a kayak without panicking (even when people are swatting spiders from my shoulder/hair). I enjoyed the rain while reading my books. I didn’t mind the hot sun because it made all the cold showers refreshing. I didn’t mind the bugs because it meant getting out and meeting people. I remember so much more but they would have to be another post.

We stayed in Mr. Bunker for about three months total when we decided that the small space wasn’t enough for us. Still working full time, it was harder to convert from “night” mode to “day” mode by moving the bed and turning it into a table. Overtime, we got lazy and left it in the “night” mode all the time. We also ate out a lot more because kindling a campfire would take forever, and we were both always starving by the time we got home from work. So it was time to look for a new solution.

Though it was very hard emotionally to give up Mr. Bunker, we did it. Not because it was an awful experience, but because it was some of the best moments of our marriage life together. We thought we were taking Mr. Bunker home when in reality, he was giving us a home. We said goodbye and packed up all our stuff. We believe that one day, Mr. Bunker will turn into a home for someone and will bring joy to someone who has a sense in adventure. If he could give me courage to go outside, then he would be a perfect solution for someone also.

We didn’t want to forget all the happiness and lessons we gained from our travels in our sweet home, Mr. Bunker. Because of that, we decided to write Mr. Bunker’s Creed. It is still in the making. I’ll publish it here soon. If you don’t want to miss it, subscribe by clicking the menu button and the “follow” button.

Nerd out,

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