Big Family Fun in Atlanta, GA

Jason and I had a blast visiting our family in the summer in Georgia. We stayed close to Atlanta, GA, where we didn’t experience the heavy traffic. We were still able to go into Atlanta to enjoy some of its attraction without fighting in traffic all day every day. Having the largest aquarium in the nation (and the world), I went here for my bachelorette party for that very reason. Being one of my favorite places to visit, I was excited to stay in Atlanta to visit family. For Atlanta, the traffic was just a reflection of how busy and cool this place was.

“Hold it right there for 5 seconds. Hang on, let me get another picture.”
What is that?
Looks like zucchini to me.


We visited the Southern Belle Farm, which had blackberries and peaches in season. They told us we could eat as much as blackberries as we were picking them so I tried some. I thought it was going to be like the strawberry experience, sweet and delectable. No, just in case you didn’t know, blackberries do not taste like strawberries. The taste of tart blackberries in my mouth came as a surprise to me; although Jason seemed to enjoy the tart flavor. We picked them all anyway and filled our buckets to the brim and more.

Buckets of blackberries that we each harvested.
What are we gonna do with all these blackberries?
We could smell the peaches from here.
I didn’t know peach trees were this short.

Across from the blackberry farm area, the peach trees were producing ripe fruits. I walked over and could smell it before I even got under the trees. I started walking around just to smell how sweet and fruity it was. Some of the ripe peaches were so heavy that the branches bent to the ground. Then I saw that some bees had come for the peaches that were broken on the ground. Yep, time to go.

Hint, if you create a blackberry compote (aka blackberries with lots of sugar), it would go well on top of some angle food cake. Mmmm, yum. In the end, I still liked that we harvested some blackberries. Oh, I also made some blackberry banana smoothie. The banana, along with the soy milk, tuned down the tartness.

Yeah, cobbler-making ingredients.

In the farm, we also saw some of the farm animals, like goats, sheep, and horses. They had a section where we could pet the animals and talk to them. They didn’t talk back in human language, but they nay-ed and baa-ed back. They also like food; they understood that language. Talking about food, the farm had an ice cream section (for humans) and I got the peach ice cream. It was not too sweet and perfect for the summer weather.

Hello, Mr. Goat Junior.


Sheep! Pet the sheep, pet the sheep!
You’re supposed to pet the horses with one hand only.



In the arms of an angel… fly away…

Another place that we visited was the Atlanta Botanical Garden, which had a glass artist pieces displayed throughout the garden. Although the weather was a little toasty, the trees in the garden provided some nice shades. Walking around the garden was fun and educational. I learned that some orchids eat flies… yes like the Venus fly traps, they were real. I saw it with my own eyes. It wasn’t huge like the movie, but it could be. Concentrate on how pretty they look and try not to stick your finger anywhere sketch.



This one was my favorite flowers in the orchid garden.




Our hair survived the humidity.
Intense stare.
… at this beautiful display of a girl’s hair made out of plants.
This piece lighted up when it got dark.




Hydrangeas, clusters of gorgeousness.

On our way back from the garden, we stopped by a small Indonesian restaurant. Jason was determined to try this place out. Though it wasn’t our first time visiting it, he wanted his family to try it out. So we did. And it was delicious like last time. In case you’re ever around Atlanta, try out Tempo Doeloe. For lunch, they had a lunch special where you could get a plate of two different choices and rice. I got the lunch special and Jason got the bakso tennis. The giant kerupuk hid a tennis-sized meatball inside the noodle soup.



We enjoyed the rest of the family reunion by playing different board games and chatting. Jason also got to show off his virtual reality headset to people. He enjoyed that part and might’ve persuaded his dad to also get into virtual reality. My favorite was still Henry, the short film about a hedgehog who had a birthday party for himself. It was sad and cute at the same time (my kind of movie, apparently).

Because the big number of people who were at the family reunion, some people visited other places that Jason and I didn’t get to visit. There two that we visited seemed to be able to hold a large group of people, though. Another place to visit would be the Georgia Aquarium. Jason and I walked around different parts of Atlanta plenty of time, though I do not advise that as a big group activity.

We had a blast spending time with family and enjoying each other’s company. Part of the reason why we love to travel is to be able to visit family and friends because they’re just so scattered around the globe.

Nerd out,


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