Geocaching at Barnwell State Park

Barnwell State Park was the first place we visited twice in Mr. Bunker. This time we went because of the Geoweekend event. I’ve been meaning to get into geocaching because Jason told me it would be fun and worth exploring. The event seemed like the perfect way to get into it. I reserved our spot and somewhat prepared for the weekend. I said somewhat because we were so busy with work that we weren’t fully prepared. More on that later.







We got to the campground late. Again. How many times did we say to ourselves that setting up in the dark was frustrating? One too many times. We quickly setup and relaxed to get some rest for the full day of geocaching. Sort of.

The next morning, I walked around the campground to see the area. Last time we were here, the temperature wasn’t as good (aka, too hot for me to be outside). As you can see in the pictures, Barnwell State Park offers some pretty sights. Jason, on the other hand, did not get a full rest. Luckily being outside and eating donuts releive that problem quickly.

We met the park ranger at the community building by the cabin. He gave us the geocache sheet along with our goodie bag. The things that we used the most was the bug sprays. We grabbed some snacks and drinks and headed to our first coordinate. Remember how we said we weren’t prepared? We left our bug spray in our campsite.


Since we didn’t have a GPS, we used our phones and the app called c:geo. The app gave us directions, saved coordinates history, and even translated the puzzle. We looked around the closes coordinates for a while. Then I finally picked up an oddly-placed black object.

“Is this it?” Yep, it was! It was a sprinkler’s spout.


We continued to find many more mini and micro caches along with other types of caches, such as locations. There was a side quest for the weekend, and that was to collect the most stickers. The park ranger had scatter about 800 stickers throughout the park. The color of the sticker was mostly green so you could imagine everyone’s sigh at that moment. We ended up collecting 15 stickers. Surprisingly, there were 600+ stickers left uncollected. If you go to Barnwell State Park and spot one of the stickers, make sure to go see a park ranger with it in hand. (Sadly, a few weeks later, there was a bad storm that passed by South Carolina so some of the stickers might have been washed away). It took us a while to find them. Jason was obsessed with it as the time to tally them got closer. He came back with three stickers all over his shirt (we sticked them on our shirts so we didn’t lose them). He found them under a leaf, on signs, under the window seal, etc. At the end, we didn’t win the prize, which was a GPS, but we had fun whispering “does that look like a sticker to you?” as we walked toward every signs and trees in the park.


This whole trip was scheduled around the geocaching weekend event so we did a lot of walking around the state park. We met some people at the event who had connections to our college. One proof that this world is huge and small at the same time. If we could change one thing, we would wear pants and bring bug spray. Also, avoid the banana spiders. They were super scary and gigantic.





What a fun weekend that we got to walk around a lot, decorated an ammo can, got to mingle with some people, and enjoyed the nice weather as it cooled down for the season. We plan to put our decorated ammo can out on the table to use as some type of container. If you spot it, come say “hi!” We can go geocaching together. Till next time!

Nerd out,


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