Camping in Lake Greenwood State Park

Visiting the Lake Greenwood State Park was a lot of fun. The road leading to the state park was a little lonely. If we were traveling at night, it would almost feel like a horror movie if we would have gotten a flat tire. Luckily, we were traveling during the daylight, had no flat tires, and were not in a horror movie. We got there safely and was taken away by the sight at first glance. There was so many people jumping in out of the lake with lots of boats floating left and right. Come to find out, we were in a summer camp type of movie instead.

LakeGreenwoodCamping (6)

Setting up was easy and fast. The spot we were in was steep so we had to take the front wheel of Mr. bunker off. Jason came up with a cute and smart idea to use a pine cone between the front jack and the concrete. It worked; the camper was leveled. I probably should’ve taken a picture of that hack. We also used our usual chucks to level Mr. Bunker along the longitudinal axis (if you find a more proper term for this when it comes to a camper, please comment below). That night, we relaxed by watching the Olympics. Another hack we came up with was to stick the antenna on the window and NOT use the amplifier. For some reason the amplifier made the signal worse. If you have a recommendation on which antenna or how to do air signal the non-amateur way, please let us know. We watched a lot of swimming and racing and something-thlon. Those athletes were amazing. I can tell you that you do not wanna get hit by someone who plays water polo.

We explored the town called Ninety Six. As if that wasn’t confusing enough, they decided to name their highway Ninety Six. No, not highway 96, it was called Ninety Six Highway. The visitor center was closed but we did tour all 2 blocks of the city while hitting all the Pokestops. Jason was driving and I had both of our phones. We were being responsible and not Poke and drive.

LakeGreenwoodCamping (2)

LakeGreenwoodCamping (5)

LakeGreenwoodCamping (3)

LakeGreenwoodCamping (4)

The next town over was called Greenwood. There, we found a small place to have breakfast and walked around the area. We accidentally found a train museum and toured it. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable.  He was probably 16, 18, years old (I don’t know how to judge age anymore), and he knew a whole lot of stuff about trains. Jason said if he continued to be a tour guide, his future is bright. Because I woke Jason up too early that morning, we ended up missing out on all the shops. Everything was close by the time he woke up from his 3-hours nap. I was okay with it because we got to see the trains.

LakeGreenwoodCamping (9)

LakeGreenwoodCamping (8)

LakeGreenwoodCamping (7)

As usual, we had our campfire dinner of hot dogs and marshmallows. This time, we tried grilling some corn. The corn had to soak in water for about 15 minutes then wrapped inside a tin foil before they get thrown into the fire. We tried white and yellow corn (by accident); they were both delicious. Dad called to tell me his hobo recipe to try the next time we go camping.

LakeGreenwoodCamping (11)

LakeGreenwoodCamping (1)

We walked around the campgrounds because the temperature was temperate. Not too cool, not too hot. We saw some campers that was in the same size category as Mr. Bunker. This time, there was a lot of people looking at our campers also. One guy walked up and asked if he could look inside the teardrop camper. For us, we like the efficient use of space in Mr. Bunker because it has a shower, a bed, a refrigerator, and a stove. It has everything we need in case the campground doesn’t have a bathroom.

The day we were supposed to leave, it thunder stormed in the dawn. It was very loud and scary and made me feel like we were inside a tin can. Oh… right. Now that I know what thunder sounds like inside a metal box, I think next time I’ll be less scared. Maybe.

Another state park down, many more to go. This one was not as quiet as Barnwell State Park, but it had a lot of things to do. We saw lots of people doing water activities. To be more prepared, we should keep some wooden blocks for leveling. We both cannot wait to camp again. Next time, we will be ready to get in the water and bring some friends.

Nerd out,

LakeGreenwoodCamping (10)

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  1. Grandma and Grandad says:

    Looks like you two are having a good time camping out.



    1. We did! This park was very nice because there’s a lake near it.


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