Non-Spooky Tour through Savannah, GA

Savannah, Georgia was one of those places that has been on my travel list since I was in high school. I couldn’t remember why it was there or how it got there. Every time I heard the city’s name, I pictured many beautiful oak trees draped with the soft Spanish moss. When Jason asked me why we were going to Savannah for the weekend, all I could say was that it had been on my list for a long time.

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The first night that we got there, we spent some time in the hotel’s pool. If you haven’t realized this by now, all of our good times are laced with horrible-later-funny moments such as this one. The pool was over-chlorinated; so much so that our eyes burned the whole time we stayed in the pool. We stayed in there for about 30 minutes because nobody else was around. We were so lucky that the pool wasn’t crowded and that we had room to swim around. Or was it that everyone else was smarter and decided not to burn their eyes with chlorine. We like to think we were the smarter ones who beat everyone to the pool while everyone else was out doing other things.

The next day, the Old Town Trolley picked us uo at our hotel. The people at the station quickly directed us to purchase our tickets then to the bus that would be taking us around town. The tour was narrated the entire time. The cool thing was we could hop off at all the 17 different stops; then, by the time we hop back on at the same stop, the different driver would pick up the narration like we never left. Each driver had his/her own way of explaining what the different areas showed, but overall, their narrations were very similar.

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We decided to go the entire route first then rode back to the stops we were interested in. After going around the first time, we decided that we must stop at the St. John’s Cathedral. My eyes were overwhelmed by the beautiful carvings on the wall. My heart felt a sense of relief being in such an awesome place. We spent some time there to look at different details of the church. Jason told me he’s seen better in Rome. I guess that means we’re going to Rome sometimes in the future, right?

SavannahGA_FluffieButterscotch (11)

When we walked out of the cathedral, it started raining. Because of the rain, people did not want to get off the trolley. As more people exited the cathedral, there were more people standing under a tiny tree near the shuttle stop. The driver of the last shuttle counted the people who were waiting and shouted “Folks, we got a rainbow!” to his walkie-talkie. Apparently, rainbows brought an empty shuttle to the circuit. Lucky for us, we didn’t have to get soaked in the rain.

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SavannahGA_FluffieButterscotch (4)

After the rain stopped, we continued to visit more places, such as Jones Street. I read that it was supposed to be a beautiful street. It was. We walked around the area and to the Forsyth Park.  The walk was not too hot. We enjoyed the shades of the tree but did not touch the Spanish moss. According to our tour guide, they contain nasty bugs of some kind. They probably said that to prevent people from taking them as souvenirs. Who knows? I didn’t want to find out. My pile of yarn at home would not appreciate me bringing unwanted hitchhikers.

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Then we headed to the area near the river. There was a free ferry that takes people across the river to the hotels there. Restaurants lined the streets with lots of people walking out of it holding their alcohol cups. Yes, it was legal to walk down the street while drinking a beer. We even saw a few beer wagons. Those were wagons that allow you and your friends to bar hop while pedaling your way around town.

SavannahGA_FluffieButterscotch (5)

At night, the shuttles turned into ghost tour shuttles. They took people around to see the creepy nooks and crannies. No, thank you. Jason and I did visit the Bonaventure Cemetery, and we went bright early in the morning. No spooky ghost stories for us. I decided not to take pictures of the cemetery. There was some kind of ceremony going on and I would like to respect those who were there with heavy hearts.

On our last day day in Savannah, we went over to the light house. The self guided tour included climbing up stairs to the very top of the light house and exploration of all the historical buildings where the lighthouse keepers and their team used to live. Jason also found us a really good seafood restaurant. We got the combination seafood platter. Drool…

SavannahGA_FluffieButterscotch (13)

SavannahGA_FluffieButterscotch (14)

SavannahGA_FluffieButterscotch (15)

On our way back home, we drove over the bridge. Jason knew that I liked driving on top of bridges. It was the last thing we saw before crossing the Georgia-South Carolina border, and it did not disappoint. After reading this post, I hope you can see why Savannah, Georgia should be on your list of places to visit. It is a gorgeous city with “relaxing” as its motto. If you are the historical nerd, then this is a place you’ve got to see. We thoroughly enjoyed the scene and food, that’s for sure. Till next time fellow readers.

Nerd out,


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  1. Sue Warren says:

    Mr. Bunker had to stay home?


    1. This trip was booked before we got Mr. Bunker 🙂 Did you see the picture where he made the same face as in his baby picture?


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