Visiting Barnwell State Park

Another successful weekend spent outdoors-ish. We went camping at the Barnwell State Park in South Carolina. I chose to try this place out because of the full hookups that they had and the number of trees around it. I also saw that it was located in the middle of nowhere, which meant quiet for Jason. I was fully prepared to be eaten alive by mosquitos because it was going to be hot and in the middle of the woods; hence I brought all kinds of vampires, I mean, mosquitos repellant, such as citronella candle, bug spray for my body, and bug spray for Mr. Bunker. Packing went a lot faster this time because I have prepared a list based on what helped us the first time. Hooking up Mr. Bunker to the car also went a lot faster. I think it comes with practice that the more time we camp, the faster and better prepared we will be. After checking all the connections and making sure everything was packed away either on the car or the camper, we were off to Barnwell State Park.

The drive there was not bad. We passed a lot of farm lands and avoided the interstates. There was an RV driving in front of us about 30 miles away from our destination. Later, that same RV ended up being our neighbor for the weekend. They were also new to this whole RV camping thing. We chatted a little bit and found out that they were taking out their first RV. We were glad to know there were people like us, who are also learning about camping.

Mr. Bunker got a new visor and leveler.

Once we got there, we put up our newly acquired visor. How do you like the looks? I prepared the bed and put away our food and clothing for the weekend while Jason hooked up connections to Mr. Bunker. This time, Jason wanted to clean out the water. It was something that we were supposed to do to begin with in order to not get sick drinking the water. After hours of tinkering around, we called it a night since it was very frustrating not being able to clean the tank overnight. On top of that, because it was dark and Jason was tired, he accidentally unscrewed the anti-freeze container and spilled a lot of it on the ground. We went to Barnwell to grab a couple of gallons of drinkable water then got back to eat our dinner.

InsideMrBunker (1)
Our bed is ready before it was dark this time.

The next morning, we tried to find a store that had the right type of anti-freeze for our heating system. With no luck, we decided to rough it out this time and fix it once we have access to an auto store with bigger selection. Keep in mind that Barnwell State Park had a bathroom and a shower building, we decided to brave the cold water in our own shower. Why would we not go for free entertainment of screaming and shivering after every splash of cold “mountain water” as Jason called it? Jason also found the right valves to drain our whole water systems in order to purify our fresh water. The rest of the time, we were able to use our water for shower, handwashing, and drinking. He drained out our fresh water to our grey water tank to also clean that out as well.

We spent the weekend watching movies and enjoying the quiet. Jason was happy that all he could hear was crickets. The weather was very, very hot and humid so we didn’t do a campfire this time. I did enjoy the somewhat cool morning by walking around the campground. They had some primitive camping sites and some cabins as well as fishing and hiking areas.

A lot of people have asked me what the inside of Mr. Bunker looks like so I made sure to take some pictures of our cozy teardrop camper this time. For this time of the year (Summertime), we packed a light blanket. I can’t wait till the weather gets cooler so we can open up our windows and let the fresh air in. A few more months that will be the case, hopefully.

InsideMrBunker (2)
Kitchen area where the stove and sink are.
InsideMrBunker (3)
Bathroom door and tanks monitor.
InsideMrBunker (4)
You can see the stereo system here. It plays DVDs, too.
InsideMrBunker (5)
This is the “day” setting of our trailer drop camper.

I’m glad you stopped by to check out our story about our adventure in Mr. Bunker. Overall, the Barnwell State Park was a nice place. The bathrooms are clean and we felt safe to camp there. They did not have wifi so we watched DVDs instead of streaming movies and shows. We also forgot our antenna so we didn’t have access to local channels. We enjoyed the peace and quiet as well as exploring the small town of Barnwell. Till next adventure, fellow readers.

InsideMrBunker (6)
Cozy and chill (while it was 100 degrees Fahrenheit outside)

Nerd out,


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  1. Grandma and Grandad says:

    Glad you two are having fun with your camping experiences. We sometimes miss those days


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