Riverbanks Zoo and Garden in Columbia, South Carolina

The first week after we got done unpacking in Columbia, I was looking for things to do around the area. I saw that that the Riverbanks Zoo was one of the top ranking attractions in town. The Riverbanks zoo admission also included a garden entry. I figured it would be a good distraction and break from all the unpacking and cleaning so we took a day to visit the local zoo.

2012_RiverbanksZoo_098 (2)2012_RiverbanksZoo_102 (2)2012_RiverbanksZoo_0912012_RiverbanksZoo_023

The zoo also do Christmas lights during the month of December. We visited there to see all the pretty lights at night. I have been debating whether or not we should get a membership to this place. It is so close to home and it offers a lot of activities and events throughout the year. I’m more interested on walking around when the weather is cooler and the place is not so crowded.

Christmas Light at the Zoo

Being the capital of the state and all, Columbia should have plenty of things to do. Thank you for reading about what we have been doing in this city so far. If you have any cool ideas or a place that we should check out, please comment below or send us an email. Till next time, fellow readers!

Nerd out,

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