South Carolina State Fair

For the past year that we’ve lived in Columbia, Jason and I visited a lot of different places during a lot of different times. Although we visited a lot of things during the Summer, I suggest visiting before the Summer. The weather would not be so hot then, and the places would not be as crowded because school would not be out yet. No matter what time of the year, though, traffic was horrible most of the times, if not all the time, but it was okay as long as we had a fun activity waiting for us at the other side. Just be sure to bring nice audiobook to read while you sit in the car. For a long, long time.

One of the best events I have attended was the South Carolina State Fair. I have never been to a fair this big and this organized. I also did a lot of crafting and submitted some of my crochet works to be displayed. When we arrived, we immediately went into the arts and crafts building and looked for my stuff. I won 6 second place ribbons and 1 first place ribbon. Woohoo! The people there were so friendly. The gentleman who was helping me find my work was enthusiastic and told us multiples of jokes. Oh, did I mention they baked fresh chocolate chip cookies in that building the whole time?

South Carolina State Fair

If you decide to visit the fair during the day, you’d get a discount. It was also less crowded. I liked looking at all the exhibits that people from around the area created. The exhibits included dinosaur exhibits, giant sand castle, and of course, farm vegetables.

Dinosaur display at the South Carolina State Fair

We looked at a lot of different farm animals, too. My favorite was the alpaca and bunnies. We also had the option to ride an elephant or a camel.

Livestock visit -Bunny ears for the bunnies

Jason won me this cute cubicle cow on a carnival-styled game. Below is the picture of it in front of the pig race arena. The pig race was so cute to watch. It was really cool to see the trainers interact with all the farm animals in general.

Jason won Heavensta Betsy for me

We went to the fair multiple times. The junk food sold on the fairgrounds was the usual, greasy, pricey, and yummy. The lemonade was the best deal because we could pay for refills as long as we bring the cup each time we visited. It wasn’t much of a hassle carrying the cup around because we didn’t do a lot of the crazy rides. We rode the Ferris wheel, and that was frightening enough; we didn’t think about the Physics behind the rides too much so we didn’t chicken out. We also used the ski lift to see the whole fairgrounds from the top. I enjoyed the view, but with my fear of height, Jason took the pictures from up there.

The fair is usually in October. We’re looking forward to going to more fairs, whether it’s in South Carolina or any other place. I remember that I enjoyed going to them when I was younger. It has been a while since I went to one. If you happen to be in Columbia, South Carolina during the time that the state fair is open, make sure to check it out. The horrible traffic and parking was totally worth it!

Nerd out,

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