Finding Fresh Produce in Columbia, South Carolina

Here in Columbia, the locals told me that the best thing about this place is that it is close to anywhere you want to be. Mountains and beaches are within reach for a weekend getaway. That being said, there are no mountains and beaches IN Columbia. However, there are still plenty of things to do here, and they are fun things to do, too.

My favorite thing to do so far is to visit the local farmer’s market. The Soda City Farmer’s Market occupies the Main Street every single Saturday (except major holidays). When it rains, the tents move to a garage on Taylor Street. While you’re there, make sure to get your produce from the Livingston Farm. They do this deal where you fill up a box for $10. Between Jason and I, that’s $10/week for our veggies and fruits. Usually when we go, we also eat lunch there. They have plenty of different types of food, from Colombian arepas to good ol’ South Carolina barbecue. Yummm.

Salmon and waffle
Salmon and Waffle from the Belgian Waffle Food Truck
IMG_7682 (2).JPG
Bounty from the $10 box
Jason enjoying a burrito from one of the food trucks

I have never gone strawberry-picking before so when I heard that there are several farms near the area, I wanted to go that immediate weekend. The Cottle Farm is located in the outskirt of Columbia. The deal is to fill a bucket for $10 or purchase a filled box for $12. If you decide to fill a bucket, you can also eat as much strawberries as you want while picking. When we went in early May, the strawberries were perfectly ripened and delectable.


I have never been to any other strawberry farms out there; in my opinion, though, this farm was well kept. The tarp helped the fruits stay clean and easy to pick. There were a lot of family who was there with kids while we were there. I suggest going early in the morning since the temperature during this season could get pretty toasty.

When we got home with our strawberries, I blended some of them into smoothie-like texture. Then later, I mixed it with my homemade vanilla ice cream creation and added a dash of lemon juice. Sounds like a good way to cool off, right?

Do you have suggestions on where we should visit next? I’m also looking for a good strawberry dessert recipe. If you know of one, please do tell. Till next time, dear readers.

Nerd Out,



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