Trails of South Carolina

Columbia, being the capital of the state, is a busy place. We see a lot more wrecks per day than any other places we have ever been. Enjoying the city outside of the traffic jam is a must. So far, Jason and I have only been to two trails in Columbia, SC. I know, it’s a shame that we haven’t been to all of them at this point. The thing is, it’s really hot here, and well, we all know how much I don’t like sweating. >.< Eventually, though, we will go to some more trails and post more reviews on them. For now, here is Congaree State Park.

2012_CongareeNatPark_74 (2)

The park was shaded, and we went during the warm part of the year. I used a lot of bug spray and somehow managed to still get bitten a lot. Jason didn’t have that problem, though. We followed the yellow trail-blazed path, where some part was off the boardwalk. No, I was not okay with that, but Jason enjoyed it so I went along. I packed us snacks to enjoy halfway through the path. Also, wearing my hiking boots helped me go through the rough patches of the trail.

2012_CongareeNatPark_42 (2)

I could see why people would enjoy walking out in the forest. It was peaceful, and that peace reached inside and out. The things that we did a lot was look at the different vegetation there. Jason was also teaching me how to step in the right place. I was never in girls scouts or an outdoor person so it was helpful to have him lead the trail and let me step where he stepped.



Overall, the trail was easy and hot. I advice bringing and drinking lots of water. Hiking sticks weren’t required on the yellow path.We saw some wildlife creatures while hiking. I always found them amusing (and scary), but Jason seemed to be the wildlife whisperer. Can  you see the gnarly turtles swimming around in the water? Till next time, my dear readers.

Nerd out,




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