Things to Do in Kauai

We did a lot of things in Kauai. This review is meant to be honest and will only say positive things about them. There are plenty of bad reviews out there because people like to complain for the smallest thing so I decided to stick to my positive review. It’s more rare to find people leaving good reviews for a tiny good detail. I do give out the Trekking Techies stamp on things that I would recommend to our family and friends. If both Jason and I don’t mind doing it twice without thinking about another alternative, it gets the stamp.

We stayed at Kauai Beach Resort while we were in Kauai. It was a good decision to make that place our base while we were there because it was located halfway point of all the activities that we did. The way to get there from the airport was pretty simple and short. The night we arrived, we were greeted by the staff, and we ate dinner there also. The breeze was nice while we sat on the patio for our dinner.


The next day, we walked around the building to watch the sunrise. We also scheduled a massage by the ocean under the canopy. That was awesome, by the way. I fell asleep for a second during the massage. The noise of the waves and the nice breeze made me fall asleep. That was a nice beginning to the rest of our honeymoon.

Jason wanted to go scuba diving and found a place that allowed me to do a shore dive without certification. We found a place called Fathom Five. Jason enjoyed his dive. I also liked it even though I was being towed most of the times. I got to see fish and turtles as if they were real. They were real.

The other water related activity that we did was a coast ride with the Na Pali Riders. We rode on a zodiac boat along the West side of the island. Seeing the Na Pali coastline was breath-taking. While in the boat, everyone sat on the side of it while hanging on to the rope with both their hands. There was also another rope for us to put our feet under. It was frightening during the rough patches, but nobody flipped over and had to be rescued by dolphins. We got to see some spinner dolphins and some whale. The captain said it was late in the season that we probably wouldn’t have seen whales. I guess we were lucky.

One thing that is a must do in Hawaii was to go to a Luau. It was a good way to experience the food and culture of Hawaii. We went to the Smith’s Family Luau. They have a beautiful garden as part of their property. We got there early so we had time to explore the garden before the Imu ceremony, where they showed us how they cooked the pig and dessert inside the Earth pocket. We both agreed that they served the best Mai Tai in the island. It was also a good thing that it was a buffet so I could try some poi. I tried a tiny serving of it; it tasted bland and the texture was that of gravy. During the dinner we got to watch some Hula and listened to chill music. After the dinner, we watched the history of Hawaii in dance numbers presented by the same people. Oh, chickens were every where.



We wanted to see the whole island from the air. This was one of the things on our checklist. Looking at all the mountains made me glad that we decided to fly over them and not hike them. We rode the Blue Hawaii Helicopter because they were the only company that had doors on the helicopters. I enjoyed riding a helicopter for the first time, and Jason said it was like riding a magic carpet. The scenes from there was so remarkable. I would recommend people to do this. The price was well worth it. The feeling of going into the volcano crater and seeing the Jurassic Falls earned this activity the Trekking Techies stamp.

Jason’s finger was in the way, but it’s still a good picture.
Na Pali Coast line from above
The desert part of Kauai

Kauai was a blast. To checkout other places where we’ve been, check out the trails and food blog post. I also wrote down what I remember about each region of Kauai along with some fun stuff I learned from there. Enjoy the post. Aloha!

Nerd out,

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