10 Things I Learned from Kauai


  1. Slow down and smell the hibiscus, wave at the sea turtle, and cluck with the chickens.
  2. It is a state in United States. I already knew this, but it was still mind boggling.
  3. Multiple cultures CAN live in harmony. When they do, it is a beautiful sight.
  4. Care for the Earth cause it cares for you.
  5. Sometimes things look more beautiful from far away but deadly to walk on.
  6. Seafood was made for my tummy or the other way around.
  7. I like eating papaya as an adult but not as a child. I started liking fruits again. We also tried a bunch of other food there, and they were all delicious.
  8. Sunscreen and hand sanitizer should be in your rucksack at all times. The sun burns underwater and above the clouds. Most public, state-owned restrooms didn’t have soap.
  9. Slow Hula is actually twerking in slow motion.
  10. The ground was the spit of the Earth and eventually, it gets recycled.

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