Trails of Kauai


This is the first hiking-centered post I have ever written because I don’t really like hiking. While Jason thrives in an environment full of tress and bugs, I don’t. When I started writing about this, I asked myself why I even wanted to write about my tiny hiking experience. Well, peeps, it’s because I can give you the perspectives of both a trail lover (Jason) and a bug feast (me). While I was swatting tree limbs out of the way and being bitten by a hundred mosquitoes/gnats/etc., Jason was breathing in the exhilarating air while glowing under the sun.

The first hike that we did was the Sleeping Giant in the Nounou area. The printout we had said this was an easy trail. It probably would have been easy if it didn’t rain and we didn’t have to go 20 feet in elevation every 5 minutes. Okay, I’m exaggerating. The trail was 2 miles one way and the elevation was about 1,000 feet to the top. The cool thing was, someone had left two hiking sticks at the entrance. We used it and returned it back to where we found it.

The terrain was a little slippery while we were climbing up. There were parts of the trail where it was easy. Here was my favorite spot in the trail because it was flat and under the shades. Jason thought the tress were super cool because of the rings around it.

IMG_2984 (2)

We didn’t make it to the top. I learned my lesson that I couldn’t do this type of activities in jeans (duh). The terrain also got super slick and a part of the trail was washed out. Luckily I didn’t have to jump or anything wild like that. We also stopped and headed back to our hotel because we had a massage appointment, which was awesome, by the way. In case getting a massage by the ocean was on your bucket list, do it in Kauai.

This trail’s overall rating from us was easy/moderate. Lots of hiking uphill. It had slippery spots after the rain. The areas were shaded except for the entrance. There were two different entrances, I think. We entered from the neighborhood area off Lokelani Road.

The second trail we went to was the Queen’s Bath trail. It wasn’t an official trail, but I counted it as such. The entrance to this was also inside a neighborhood in the North side of the island. Parking is limited to 5 to 6 cars. It might be better to go earlier when the tide wasn’t too wild.

Although half of the path was challenging, it was my favorite trail. Our hiking shoes made all the difference. We saw people walking with sandals and took them off because walking barefooted was more advantageous. The beginning of the trail was extremely muddy and slippery. It was also a downhill hike so we were very careful in that section. I took my time since I wasn’t agile even on a regular track.

After passing a small waterfall, we came up on an opening which put us right at the edge of the island. There, the walk toward all the different lava pools was easier. The lava rocks provided better grip than the slimy dirt. The scene was breath-taking, but we had to watch our steps to avoid it becoming life-taking.

There were several lava pools and openings. They didn’t look safe at all to jump in for a quick swim. The main attraction was the third or fourth lava pool. The trail kept going all along the edge of the island; we stayed and watched people jumped into the Queen’s Bath instead. We didn’t jump in because we didn’t bring appropriate clothing and change of clothes. Within the 30 minutes we were sitting there, the tide changed for the worse also.

If you decide to visit this place and jump in, be sure to watch the tide pattern. It could get bad and might sweep you away to the sea. In fact, a lot of people have died here because of it. As always, enjoy the view, but be as careful as you would be at home. Some people tend to get their daring-doo mojo while away from home. Overall, I rate this easy/scary/gorgeous hike.

We also visited the Waimea Canyon on the West side of the island. According to the lady at the Kokee Museum, there was an easy trail so we decided to try it out. It was called Kaluapuhi Trail. There was no parking at the beginning of the trail on the South entrance. We ended up parking on the grass on the side of the road. Before we left the car, I heard some buzzing noise so I sprayed some bug spray on my skin. My blood must be sweet thanks to my regular diet of ice cream. We were ready for this one after a long day of riding in the car.


For the occasion, we bought some gears to help me be a better hiker. We got some socks, pants, and hiking sticks to help me be a super woman during hiking excursion. During this hike, we also found out that a super woman was not immune to bugs or bees. Other than that, the hiking gears did help me enjoy being outside a little more than usual.

The shade on this trail was pretty good though the area struck me more as a type of swamp. The area had rained a lot so we weren’t able to finish the trail without swimming across a big puddle. Jason said it looked like the standing water had been there a while. It might not be a good idea to go through it because we didn’t know how deep it was. It didn’t take much to convince me to go back to the car. I snapped some pictures, and we made our way back to base. Overall, this trail’s rating was easy and soggy.

If anyone asked me if I was a hiker? I would say “not yet.” Jason loves the outdoors for the both of us. However, after seeing sights like these, I do want to get better so I can find more places like it. What helped me was wearing the right gears. Maybe research should start there for me. Till next time, fellow readers.

Nerd Out,

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