Mahalo, Hawaii

We went to the island Kauai for our honeymoon. Kauai is the oldest island in the chain of islands of Hawaii. It is known as the Garden Island. Although the internet there was pretty solid, we decided to disconnect most of our times there cause it was our honeymoon after all. After sleeping for twelve hours straight once we got back home, our minds were still in Kauai, but we didn’t mind sharing our beautiful adventure with you.

IMG_3446 (2)
Na Pali Coast

While we were visiting, we broke our days into which region of the island to visit for the day. Our first region was the East. That was where we stayed. This was popular because it was close to the airport. We like this area because of its proximity to a lot of food places and nature stuff, such as trails and sandy beaches. Kind of. Even though the beaches looked beautiful with their sand, most of it had lava rocks to dodge. Our favorite part about this area was the two waterfalls that we saw. We also enjoyed the hotel that we stayed in. The people were so friendly there, which made the stay more enjoyable.

Jason’s signature inspection move


The South part of Kauai was lined with shops and more beaches. There was a street mall here had the yarn shop and an ice cream place. I know what you’re thinking, “why am I not there right now?” There was also a coffee shop, but we didn’t need high level of caffeine that whole week. We ate at the ice cream place twice just to make sure their ice cream was good. (wink). This part inspired me to start making my own ice cream back at home because my brother gave us an ice cream maker for our wedding.

Mmmm ice cream


The North part of this island was known for its rain, and it did not disappoint us while we were there. Around this are, we found some of the more prestigious neighborhoods. The most memorable thing we did in this are was our hike to the Queen’s Bath. There was also a one way bridge on our way to the North from the East side of the island. The local courtesy was 5 to 7 cars per turn.

On our way to Queen’s Bath



Although the West side was where all the hiking places are, the beaches in that location were beautiful also. After visiting multiple beaches, our top pick was a beach around the Southwest region. We ended up spending the evening of our departure day here, where we pretend-snorkeled for a little bit. What I mean by pretend-snorkel is wearing only googles. I saw lots of different fish, even an eel looking creature, which made for an exciting departure evening. After Jason pointed it out under the water, I told him I was done playing in the water by flailing like a mad woman and headed for the sand. That night, we made our way to the airport and ate all of our fruits (and discarded the ones we couldn’t eat) before boarding our flight back home.

Waimea Canyon

Writing this took me back to our Kauai experience. I will be posting more details later. It was such a marvelous time that we got to spend as Mr. and Mrs. Hope this post will inspire you to visit an island that makes us fall in love with nature and of each other even more. If you do visit, share your stories and pictures with us. We would love to see what other people do on this beautiful island.

Nerd Out,

Waimea Canyon

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